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I really like your concept here along with the background choice it gives it a very great feel. Also matches your color pallet. A few t...

by xHenri

I am going to start that since this is fan art I gave it one star. Other than that I think the over all panting is a bit faded out, if ...

For starts on this critique I will say this is another OC that is why the originality is a 1/2 star....Anyway. Seems like you did a dec...

by DJ-Sky

Well, first. This certain style looks easy but is harder to master than others. When drawing a human figure take the time to get all pr...

by Inkjets

I want to point out the shadowing between the light post and the bench legs seem to be out of sync with the rest of the shadowing. Aswe...

Well first off, I want to point out that your crescent moons are connected, you should re-work those all together, also your anatomy is...

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Each Sunday since the beginning of middle school I have lived is explained by the image you see below.

Anime fan, danmaku gamer, myth buff and extrovertor for the most part.
Lover of Touhou Project and other Magical girl's kinda a guilty pleasure.
Cats over dogs, PC over Mac and Traditional over Digital in the arts.
Electro music and Vocaloid, Korean fashion and bright colors. :meow:
Loving the old artists and the ancient worlds architecture everytime I do art. One day I want to visit the remnants of ancient cities. Also fascinated by Venetian costumes and masks.

See ya around!
Thoth is best god
~Your art whore.


I forgot to eat today. How? Blame Facebook, people don't want me to move, all,
"no stay this place will be boring without you"

"stay man, we don't have many high school friends left around here"

"pls no"
General shit.

Ugh, also Greyhound is retarded, I call to reserve a spot, the operator must be retarded because she seriously misspelled the word transit she says.
Shit teir day in general. Even now, I'm not even hungry. Fasting time I guess.
On the other end my friends in SC REALLY want me there, bunch of otakus who require my love. 

Tempted to go somewhere different entirely just to start fresh. Don't get me wrong I love my friends but can't stay where I am for reasons.


Also hello, it's been a while. :meow:

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(Contains: strong language)
Captain Cheeseybeard let out a might roar, ripping off his pirate coat. He drew his raper and rushed at Chief Keff.

"You will never make it to the cloud!" He shouted raising the sword over his head.

"now im gonna kick you in your hairy ballsack," Chief keef growled. He took off his hoodie and was on cheeseybeard in an instant, slamming his fist into the captain's bulging belly.

The fight lasted for 7 minutes, both Cheeseybeard and Chief Keef doing all sorts of kung fu shit and sounds. Tadoe and Fredo had robbed the prisoners and put them in the klink, and they stood watching with Reesey. They knew it was up to Chief now, battered and bloodied in the brutal ballet. Cheeseybeard's stomach bore the brunt of the beating and his face was starting to turn green. He limped to Keef and threw a right cross, which keef caught.

"game over fuck boy" growled Keef, pushing the captain onto his back. Smacking his elbow for luck, he dove, hammering it into Cheeseyeard's distended gut.

"BLLAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUGHHHHHHH" went the captain, spewing macaroni and blood into the air like a human volcano. He kept doing that for a few minutes but his eyes were glassy; he was dead.

"Remember when I used to eat ravioli?" Keef asked.

Tadoe and Fredoe led Reese and Keef down below the deck to show them what the ship was carrying.

"They got a buncha macaroni" Tadoe said. "I guess the captain liked it"

They had some macaroni and blunts to replenish their energy. Lil Reese took the captain's wheel and steered them west, to the setting sun.

"Where did you learn to drive a flying boat Reese?" Fredo asked.

"I saw it on a movie once," Reese said.

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